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Pet Professionals At Work have developed an insurance product specifically designed to meet the insurance needs of businesses or individuals providing professional pet care services.

Core covers

The automatic covers provided are:

Public & Products Liability

£5 million limit of indemnity as standard providing legal liability against third party bodily injury or third party property damage.

Veterinary Fees

£50,000 limit any one period of insurance against legal liability for injury to customer’s animals in your custody and control (inc collection/delivery).

Death &/or Disappearance

£2,000 legal liability limit should a customers animal(s) die or disappear whilst in your custody and control.

Loss of Customers' Keys

£10,000 limit any one period of insurance for the replacement of customers keys and any consequential loss.

Advertising & Reward

£500 limit in the event of a customers lost or stolen animal whilst in your custody or control.

Legal Helpline

A free 24 / 7 legal advice helpline to assist in the day-to-day running of your business.

Personal Accident

24-hour cover, for each director, partner or principal, insured providing a £5,000 death or loss of limb benefits, with a £50 weekly benefit in the event of temporary total disablement as a result of an accident.


Optional Covers Available

Any of the following covers can be included within the product:

Employers' Liability

£10 million limit of indemnity for legal liability in respect of bodily injury or disease sustained to an employee arising out of and in the course of their employment.

Property Contents

All Risks cover for contents including equipment, stock, tenants’ improvements, glass and money. Building insurance for your business premises is also an option.

Commercial Legal Protection

£100,000 limit providing legal defence costs incurred against Employment Disputes / Compensation Awards, Legal Defence, Property Protection / Bodily Injury, Tax, Contract / Tenancy Disputes, Statutory Licence Protection and Debt Recovery.

Business Interruption

Optional limits available to protect the financial loss suffered following an interruption to your business. An additional option is provided to extend this cover to include the unavailability of your business vehicle following fire or theft.

Professional Indemnity

£500,000 limit of indemnity provided against negligence/breach of a duty of care, negligent misstatement/misrepresentation, defamation, employee dishonesty, breach of confidence or misuse of information, infringement of intellectual property rights.

Personal Accident Plus

Option to increase the benefits automatically provided within the core cover to variable limits up to a maximum of £25,000 death or loss of limb benefits, with a £250 weekly benefit in the event of temporary total disablement as a result of an accident.

Please refer to the policy wording in the document centre for full details of the cover including definitions, conditions and exclusions applying.

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